Masonry Fit For A King

Greenwood Lake, NY

Natural stone masonry
Natural stone masonry
Natural stone masonry

aged masonry and stonework.

masonry repair, aged stone, patio, stone walls

Our project in Greenwood Lake, NY (Castle Brook), was a difficult one. The house was built quite a long time ago. The home was constructed entirely of stone. Their were extensive repairs needed to the stone turrets and stone chimneys, as well as new projects such as new bluestone walks, bluestone raised patios and dock work.

One of our biggest challenges were removing the original windows to the house, enlarging the openings to accommodate new windows and have all the new stone work look as though it were a hundred year old aged stone.

The owners Ken and Jean Olsen were wonderful people. They were spending a small fortune in renovations, as the entire interior of the house needed to be gutted. That along with the masonry work outdoors made for quite a project. They were fully aware of the enormity of the work that lay ahead of them and they were counting on their sub-contractors to come through for them. We did not disappoint. We delivered some of our finest work to date.

The repairs to existing, tied in beautifully with our new work. Cement joints flowed together and our stonework was a perfect match to what stood there for years.

Our work at Castle Brook was definitely something to be proud of. The owners were thrilled and we remain good friends to this day.