Unique Stone Ranch

Middletown, NY

Natural stone masonry
Natural stone masonry
Natural stone masonry

stucco and natural stone

fireplace, outdoor bar, patio, custom stucco, natural stone

I met Steve and Denise about 12 years ago. They were building their first new home, and as it turns out, it was right around the corner from where I was building my friends families home in Ringwood.

They approached me about doing their masonry work on their 10,000 sq. ft. home and we quickly came to an agreement. We enjoyed a very good working relationship and became good friends.

Fast forward 9 years later, my friends decide to expand to 20,000 sq. ft. on an 85 acre estate, where they can enjoy their love for animals and Denise’s desire to raise horses.

We sat down tougher and plotted the finishing touches to their sprawling masonry ranch. We came up with some wonderful ideas on how to combine their thoughts on split face block, stucco and stone accents. As you can see from the accompanying pictures, their home turned out beautifully. I hear from Steve and Denise occasionally and receive an invitation to their lovely home every New Years!