Natural Stone Masonry Masterpiece

Saddle River, NJ

Natural stone masonry
Natural stone masonry
Natural stone masonry

natural stone masonry

natural stone masonry, marble, fireplace, patio

Our project in Saddle River was our largest residential job to date. It spanned over 3 phases and 3 years. The owners there (who prefer to remain nameless), owned a magnificent 30k sq. ft. mansion.

The masonry home was constructed of 4” thick marble veneer with sections of brick and pre-cast accents throughout. We were contracted to provide the masonry work for their project.

Phase 1 was a 4,000 sq. ft. addition to house their new 1,300 sq. ft. infinity pool. We installed 48” x 48” x ¾” thick marble flagging as their flooring. Each piece around the free-formed pool edge needed to home templates made, rough cut with a 12” demo saw, cut to exact size with 4” blades, grind edges for beveled look, and set in cement with 1/8” grout between. There were rounded steps and platforms we constructed with marble, as well as pre-cast railings installed. We built a beautiful in-door marble fireplace for the finishing touch.

Phase 2 was for the masonry terrace above the pool addition. The addition was re-enforced with steel columns, wrapped in marble, with steel beams above to support the concrete slab. The slab contained radiant heat for de-icing, and state of the art waterproofing to protect the addition below. For the flooring here, we installed 36” x 36” x 1” thick granite, set in cement with 1/5” grouting/ The terrace was complete with the free-standing marble bar, marble fire-place, and outdoor kitchen we constructed. You may notice in our pictures, the twenty-foot high glass pyramid to allow you to see the pool below (built by others).

Phase 3 of the project was the outdoor patio, off the pool addition. The focal “points” here were the 30’ x 30’ splash pad, the marble gazebo we built with adjoining 25’ bridge to connect to the upper terrace. We built another marble bar, another outdoor cooking area, fire-pit, marble stairways to get to the different levels, all complete with pre-cast railing systems.

One of our last projects here was the grand stairway to bring you to the lower property lot. Maybe this will be a future project? Working on projects such as this was a dream come true for us. It was extremely challenging, but meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectation is always our top priority.