Fierro Masonry

A Story Written in Stone

You could say I was born with masonry in my blood. My father before more and his father before that were both masons.

My grandfather was contracted by his hometown, Montella in the province of Avellino, to care for all the roads and bridges. If you can let your mind wander back to the early 1900’s of Italy, you can imagine all the cement and stone work that was involved in this undertaking.

Flash forward to 1951 when my father arrived in the United States with my mom. They arrived with very little in their pockets but were determined to make a good life for themselves.

My dad put his masonry skills to work immediately as there was much construction going on at the time. He worked for a local contractor by day and went to school at night to learn to speak english. Being the determined fellow that he was he started his own business in 1963. From there he thrived in the field and during the 70’s and 80’s he cast a large footprint on both the commercial and residential projects in this area.

During this time, I worked continuously in the field for my dad. I started out as a young boy doing labor work and by my mid-teens was already a mason. Throughout high school and as a business major in college, working as a mason was the only job I had. I improved my skills considerably working with my father throughout the 80’s. We worked almost exclusively in Bergen County NJ and the surrounding area.

By 1985 my dad, well into his sixties, turned the business over to me. At twenty-five, I was running my own business and began carving out a niche of my own in the mason contracting business. We continue today to offer great quality work at a fair market price. My father always taught me to do right by people and good things would come back to you. I have found that to be on of the keys to my success.

"Quality Counts"

- Richard Fierro

New Jersey masonry company